Tuesday, March 21, 2006 

Going Home

No, the Working Gringos are not moving back to the States. This blog has moved to its home domain at www.yucatanliving.com. We're not leaving the Yucatan, but we have left Blogger and upgraded to WordPress. This website was just getting a bit too unwieldy and we wanted to be able to file articles under categories and do other stuff that WordPress lets us do. We had been planning this move since the beginning and finally found time over the weekend to make it happen. We hope you like the new format.

Unfortunately, any comments left on this blog over the past three days didn't get migrated to the new website. We will try to move them individually, if we can. In a week or two, this blog will disappear, so don't post any comments to it.

We have also found that the Bloglet subscription service is less than reliable, so we have migrated our subscribers to FeedBlitz. If you have subscribed through Bloglet and do not want to be on FeedBlitz, you can unsubscribe by sending an email to blog@yucatanliving.com. Disculpe la molestia, as they say here...

Nos vemos!

About us

  • We're Working Gringos
  • From Yucatan, Mexico
  • While a lot of gringos come to Mexico to retire, we came down here to make a living. We work all day making websites...but we get out once in a while to look around. When we do, we'll write about it!